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Biblical Meaning Of A Child Dying In A Dream

Dreams of a child dying can be very perplexing. Most of these dreams mean something serious. Read the biblical meaning of a child dying in a dream.
One of the saddest dreams people see is a dream about losing a child. Although dreams of a child dying is not so common, whenever it shows up, it often leaves the dreamer with many questions. By the help of the Holy Spirit, we will discover the biblical meaning of a child dying in a dream today. 

It could be that you saw a dream of your child dying and you were bothered concerning what the dream means—and how it could affect your child in waking life. As a parent, it is very okay to be worried about such a dream—as it obviously doesn't look like a good one.  

One of the saddest sights is that of a child dying. No parent brings a baby into the world only to lose them at a tender age. It is also not the will of God for us to lose our children to death, when they haven't even experienced life, talk more of fulfilling their destiny.  

Psalm 127:3
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

God has even better thoughts concerning our children. He gave them to us. But the enemy has the direct opposite of all the good thoughts God has for our children. 

God sent our children to the earth with great destinies, but the enemy just wouldn't want to sit back and watch that destiny manifest. It is either he would fight to hinder our children from walking in their divinely ordained destiny, or he would attempt to cut their life short. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Child Dying In A Dream

If there's a hidden plot to bring about the death of our child, I can assure you that God isn't responsible for it.

A dream of a child dying may come as a revelation from God—which is meant to expose the plots of the enemy—so that the dreamer may pray to destroy them. 

A dream of a child dying is apparently not a good omen. It portends a great loss. But sometimes, this type of dreams don't exactly mean you're going to lose your child.. 

Even at that, if you happen to see that your child died in a dream, you have to pray aggressively to cancel the plots of the enemy against your life and that of your loved ones. 

Biblical Meaning Of A Child Dying In A Dream Christian

Children are among the good gifts God gives to us. But we must know that the enemy is envious of every good thing we have from God. The devil will continually attempt to rob us of our blessings in one way or another. We cannot just sit back and allow that to happen. 

As I earlier said, a dream of child dying does symbolize some sort of loss, but it doesn't always mean that loss will come as the demise of a child. 

There are people who do not have any child in waking life, yet they see that they had a child in a dream which they lost to death. We cannot say that this dream means they're going to lose their child in waking life, since they already don't have one. 

1. A Dream Of Child Dying Means An Actual Death Of The Dreamer’s Child

If you have young children and you saw in a dream that one of them died, do not treat such a dream lightly. It is possible that the enemy is planning evil against your babies. Remember, the Bible tells us that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). 

Do your assignment as a spiritual covering over your children. Pray to cancel the enemy's death sentence off their life. Pray to shield them from further attacks of the enemy. 

Isaiah 65:20 NLT
No longer will babies die when only a few days old. No longer will adults die before they have lived a full life. No longer will people be considered old at one hundred! Only the cursed will die that young!

God has promised in His Word that He won't sit back to watch our children die young. He will act swiftly to snatch your children out of the hands of the enemy, if you pray. 

2. A Dream Of Child Dying Could Mean Impending Death Of The Child Of A Loved One

If you saw in a dream that your child died, such a dream may not always be about your own children. It could sometimes mean that a neighbour's child or that of someone in your family is about to perish.

When you're praying against such a dream, remember to pray for the children of your loved ones also. Shield them spiritually from the attacks of the enemy. 

3. Loosing Child In A Dream May Be An Attack Against Purpose, Destiny Or Ministry 

A child in a dream doesn't always represent an actual baby. Sometimes, children in the dream represent something very valuable in the dreamer’s life. 

I mentioned a scenario where people who don't have children in waking life may see a dream about losing their child. In such a scenario, that child could represent their divinely ordained destiny, purpose or ministry. 

Some dreams about babies will come to reveal the current state of the ministry, purpose, assignment, business or destiny that God gave to us. If the child wasn't in a good state in such dreams, we can easily know that something isn't right somewhere, concerning these things we received from God. Then we can pray accordingly. 

4. Could Be A Reaction To A Trauma 

Some people who see dreams of their child dying have once found themselves in a situation where their child almost breathed their last right in front of them. 

Such an experience can impute fear and traumatize the parents for a long time. This can translate into recurring nightmares of their child dying. 

If this sounds like your case, you need to allow God heal you of that trauma and rid you of the fear of death of you child. 

Also make it intentional to pray for your children daily. By so doing, you can be rest assured that God has them covered. You wouldn't need to worry when You know your child is in God's hands. 

My Daughter Died In My Dream, What Does That Mean

If you have a daughter in waking life, whom you saw dying or dead in a dream; as a parent, you should pray to dismantle the wicked plot of the enemy against your daughter. Don't allow that death sentence to manifest in her life. 

If you don't have any child or a daughter in waking life, this dream reveals that there is an attack from the kingdom of darkness against something you hold very dear. Pray accordingly. 

Dream Of Youngest Child Dying

If you have a youngest child in waking life and you saw in a dream that they died, it would be wise to pray to cancel the enemy's death sentence over their life. Just don't assume that the dream means nothing and move on. 

Apart from this, this dream means that the enemy is attacking to kill something new that you've been trying to groom. It could be a business you just started, ministry you just established or something new you just built. Pray accordingly. 

Prayer Against Child Dying In A Dream

  1. Thank You Father for exposing the evil plots of the enemy. Father, I know that just as You have exposed these, You are in the course of destroying them.
  2. Dear God, I commit my children into your able hands. I ask that You would shield them from every arrow of the wicked one. 
  3. Dear God, I trust You with my children. I know that You would not allow the enemy to touch them. 
  4. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I come against and frustrate every attempt of the enemy to execute wickedness against my children. 
  5. I cancel every death sentence of darkness spoken against my children. 
  6. I declare that the enemy shall not be able to kill any good thing God has blessed me with.
  7. Every manipulation and attack of the enemy against my life is frustrated now!
  8. Heavenly Father, You gave these children to me, they belong to you. The enemy has no power to take them from me. 
  9. Dear God, I ask that You protect my children wherever they go. Do not let any evil befall them. 
  10. I shield all that God has given me by the blood of Jesus Christ, against every attack and manipulation of darkness. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Child Dying In A Dream

As you have learned here, a dream of a child dying could portend untimely death which the enemy is plotting against the dreamer’s child (or that of their loved one).

A dream of child dying could as well reveal that the enemy is attacking to kill something very valuable in the dreamer’s life.

If there is a budding ministry or business the dreamer is running, this dream may reveal a deadly attack of the enemy against it.

Overall, a dream of child dying portends loss or death of something of inestimable value in the dreamer’s life. It is a bad omen, it doesn't mean a transition from one phase of life to another.

Always pray effectively to cancel these dreams and their effects. Give them no room to manifest.

God bless you. 

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