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Dream Of Being Up High And Scared Biblical Meaning

If you found yourself being up high and scared in a dream, there are many meanings behind it. Read this dream meaning about being up high and scared.
Dreams of being up high and scared is one of those rare dreams that people see. There are dreams where people find themselves in an elevated place, a height that looks like it is impossible to get down from. 

Most of those who see these dreams always end up scared that they might fall and lose their life if they attempted to get down from the height. Some of these people struggle with climbing down these heights in their dreams. 

Maybe you also saw a similar dream, where you were on an elevated place, gripped by fear, you found it difficult to get down. Let's trust that you find the meaning of your dream as you go through this article. 

Dreams about heights come in diverse forms to different people. They include;

  • Dream of being up high and can't get down
  • Dream of being up high and scared of someone
  • Dreams about heights and ledges
  • Scared of heights in dream but not in real life
  • Dreams about heights and almost falling, etc. 

One thing you should understand though, is that dreams about heights are rarely ordinary dreams. These dreams are often a reflection of what is going on in the dreamer’s life. 

Dream Of Being Up High And Scared Biblical Meaning

We know that some people are naturally scared of heights. It would be easier if we assumed that it is because people are scared of heights in waking life, that is why they see dreams of being up high and scared

But that isn't close to being accurate. Even those who are not scared of heights have reported dreaming about heights, and they were as well scared in those dreams. 

Joshua 1:9 NLT
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

That said, the meaning of dreaming about heights goes beyond just having fear of heights in the physical realm. 

These dreams always reveal that there are things preventing the dreamer from realizing their full potential, or walking in the fullness of all that God destined for them. 

Dreams About Heights And Almost Falling

Dreaming of heights has a way of revealing the things in our lives that could act as stumbling blocks to our progress and prosperity. 

I believe that God would show us such dreams because He wants us to fix those things, so that we can move forward to become all that He destined us to be. 

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

To dream about height and almost falling is rarely neither a good nor bad omen. I see it as a warning dream from God. The Lord warns us because He wants the best for us. He warns us to correct our wrongs and become better people. 

Dreams about heights and almost falling often reveal the following:

1. Anxiety And Lack Of Confidence

What is holding some people back from doing what God purposed and sent them to do [effectively] on earth is anxiety and lack of confidence. 

Some people are naturally not scared of heights, but they lack self-esteem and always freak out even at the thought of doing the things that God sent them to do in the world. 

A dream of finding oneself on a height, scared and almost falling, may simply be God showing the dreamer that anxiety and lack of self-confidence is holding them back. 

2. Fear Of Taking Risks And Achieving Great Feats 

Climbing the ladder of success and greatness requires taking risks. But not everyone has the courage to take risks, hence their life achievements are limited. 

If you found yourself in a dream being up high and scared, it could simply mean that you are afraid of taking risks. 

The Lord wants you to achieve the very best. He is showing you this dream so that you know that fear is holding you back, and work towards overcoming it. 

3. Fear Of Walking In Your Divinely Ordained Destiny

There are people to whom God has revealed how big and great their destiny is. But just the thought of how far they still need to go in order to get there scares them. 

The fear of walking in one's divinely ordained destiny can also manifest as a dream of being up high and scared. 

4. Challenges That Will Force You Out Of Comfort Zone

Seeing yourself on a scary height could also mean that you are soon going to face challenges that will force you out of your comfort zone. 

Probably the dreamer has been too comfortable in their current achievements, and have refused to improve and make progress beyond that. 

Sometimes, people wouldn't want to do anything new that could help their progress. God has to send a storm, so that they rise and and start moving forward again. 

Dream Of Being Up High And Can't Get Down Spiritual Meaning

I believe that every dream of being on a height is God indirectly helping us to gain the motivation to face the storms of life and progress even in the face of discomfort. 

Life itself is not perfect. There's no life hack that guarantees success without having to face challenges. 

Dreams of being up high often reveals that life is challenging. There are challenges the dreamer has to face—whether or not they like it. And fear isn't going to help them overcome those challenges. 

A man's unwillingness to take risks will always make him mediocre. The Israelites first had to suffer in Egypt, and then crossed the red sea in order to reach the land flowing with milk and honey.

Likewise, a child of God will have a hard time reaching their full potential if they're scared of taking risks and overcoming challenges. 

Prayer For Dream Of Being Up High And Scared

If you're going to pray about this dream, you're not praying for God to prevent this dream from coming again. This dream is rarely a spiritual attack, so there's no need praying to cancel it.

  1. Father, I know that You have great plans for my life. May nothing prevent them from coming to pass.
  2. O Lord, I ask for the courage to do the assignment you sent me on earth to do. 
  3. Dear Lord, enable me to face and overcome my fears. 
  4. Because You are with me Lord, I know that I can face tomorrow. 
  5. Dear God, I ask that You would equip me with boldness to walk in my divinely ordained destiny. 
  6. Dear God, give me the courage to take risks that will push me further in life. 
  7. Dear Lord, I ask that you rid me of the fear of failure. 
  8. Father, remove from me the fear of the unknown.
  9. Father, no evil will befall me, because You are always with me.
  10. Dear God, enable and engrace me to become all that you destined me to be.
  11. Dear Lord, do not let my fears stand as hindrance to the manifestation of my destiny.
  12. Father, help me in my efforts to overcome all that is holding me back in life. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen! 

Final Thoughts On Dream Of Being Up High And Scared

On very rare occasions, a dream of being up high and scared may be symbolic of the hindrances the enemy has placed on the path of the dreamer, to prevent them from making progress and becoming who God destined them to be.

Apart from that, most of these dreams will reveal internal problems in the life of the dreamer, that are preventing their progress.

You don't have to be scared of heights in waking life before seeing dreams of being up high and scared. Always treat such dreams as God showing you things that can help you improve your life.

I trust that by reading, you now understand the meaning of being up high and scared in a dream.

God bless you. 

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