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Dream Of Broken Bicycle Spiritual Meaning

If you saw a broken bicycle in a dream, do not assume it is just a dream. Read this to understand the spiritual meaning of broken bicycle in a dream.
Seeing a dream of owning a bicycle only to discover that it is damaged, may come as a surprise to the dreamer. Maybe you also saw your bicycle broken in a dream and got confused on what it means. Rest assured, you're at the right place to learn the meaning of your dream. Follow up as we explore the spiritual meaning of broken bicycle in a dream. 

In the physical world, there is no owner of a bicycle who doesn't value their bicycle. Even though a bicycle owner may have automobiles alongside his bicycle, that bicycle he owns has its own purpose and it means a lot to him. 

Imagine if you often wake up very early in the morning to go cycling with your bike, then one day after waking up and preparing to go on your regular cycling, you discovered that your bicycle was almost completely damaged. 

Exodus 15:9 NIV
The enemy boasted, ‘I will pursue, I will overtake them. I will divide the spoils; I will gorge myself on them. I will draw my sword and my hand will destroy them.’

Firstly, you would be hurt knowing that someone had done that to your bicycle. Secondly, your plan of going cycling that morning would have been ruined. One area of your life had just been impacted negatively. 

Dream Of Broken Bicycle Spiritual Meaning

This scenario also applies to dreams of broken bicycle. The effects are even worse when a person's bicycle is broken in the dream.. 

Isaiah 33:1 NASB
Woe to you, destroyer, While you were not destroyed; And he who is treacherous, while others did not deal treacherously with him. As soon as you finish destroying, you will be destroyed; As soon as you cease to deal treacherously, others will deal treacherously with you.
Seeing a broken bicycle in a dream is not a good omen. We know that God wants the best for us. But while God does His best to work out His good will in our lives, the enemy fights to ensure that God's efforts in our lives prove abortive. 

The Bible says the our Heavenly Father gives us good and perfect gifts (James 1:17). The devil gives no one nothing good. Yet, he fights to destroy the good things God has given us. According to the holy Bible, it is the devil who carries out the assignments of killing, stealing and destroying (John 10:10).

Now, I believe that it is obvious who the culprit is, behind broken bicycles in dreams

Each time you see a dream that shows you owned a bicycle but surprisingly it was broken, know that the enemy and his cohorts are working evil against your life. Rise up and pray to stop the enemy from continuing in his course of action. 

Dream Of Broken Bicycle Spiritual Meaning Christianity

Every owner of a bicycle knows how useful and helpful their bicycle has been to them. Cycling improves health, and a bicycle can take people through places where automobiles cannot access. Although small in appearance, bicycles have made life really easy and comfy for many people. 

In areas where bikes happen to be the best choice of transportation, imagine if one of the residents woke up to discover that their bike was damaged. Their movement would be restricted for a long time, until they are able to repair their broken bicycle. 

Within that period of not being able to move around, they must have missed opportunities and experienced some sort of setback in one way or another. Same applies to seeing one's bicycle broken in a dream. 

  • A broken bicycle in a dream is symbolic of the enemy's attack against the dreamer’s progress through life. 
  • If the dreamer’s bicycle is broken in a dream, they may begin to experience setbacks in different areas of their life. 
  • The enemy is directly fighting the manifestation of their destiny. 
  • Bicycles in dreams also represent a person's calling and ministry in its early stage. Seeing a broken bicycle may symbolize a direct attack of the enemy against these. 
  • A broken bicycle in a dream symbolizes the enemy's efforts to prevent the dreamer from succeeding despite their hard work. 

If you see that your bicycle was broken in a dream, begin to pray stongly and rebuke the enemy off the path of your progress. 

Dream Of Bicycle Tires Damaged Spiritual Meaning 

Even a new bicycle would become useless if the tires were damaged. It is the tires of the bike that aids its locomotion. If they were damaged, then the bicycle is as good as dead. 

A dream of seeing your bicycle tires damaged is a serious spiritual threat against your progress. The intention of the enemy is to stall the progress of the dreamer, and frustrate their every effort to move forward in life. 

Each time you see that your bicycle tires were damaged in a dream, understand that the enemy is working extra hard to make sure you don't become who God destined you to be, or walk in the fullness of all that God has on store for you. 

So go ahead and war on the spirit to destroy the enemy's spirit of hindrance, setbacks and frustration off your life! 

Prayer Against Dream Of Broken Bicycle 

  1. Heavenly Father, Your will for my life is to prosper me. You long to see me become all that You wrote of me. Therefore, let every power bent on preventing that from happening be destroyed! 
  2. By the power of God, I command every roadblock placed on my way to be shattered now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  3. Powers of darkness working tirelessly to hamper my progress, be destroyed right now! 
  4. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I command the reversal of every evil work of darkness done to hurt my progress! 
  5. Fire of God, locate and destroy that agent of darkness assigned for my destruction. 
  6. Mighty hand of God, rise against the enemy of my progess. Let them not be spared! 
  7. Wrath of God, burn violently against the destroyer working against my life. 
  8. Let every plot of darkness to sabotage my efforts towards making progess be foiled now! 
  9. By the power of God, I command restoration over all that I have lost. 
  10. I declare restoration over my broken bicycle in the dream
  11. All dream attacks against my progess, come to a halt now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  12. I declare that from now on, I shall move forward and prosper even in the face of all demonic opposition. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Dream Of Broken Bicycle

Beloved, as you have seen in this article, God does us good and always works to see the very best manifest in our lives. But the enemy envies God's work in our lives, he is always attempting to ruin them.

Without their bicycle, the owner of a bicycle will not be able to move around as they did before. A dream of broken bicycle reveals the plot and efforts of the wicked one to hinder our progress.

Always pray aggressively to destroy the works of darkness against your life, each time you see your bicycle faulty in the dream.

Beloved, I trust that by reading this dream interpretation, you were able to grasp the spiritual meaning of dream of broken bicycle.

God bless you. 

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