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Dream Of Doing Errands Spiritual Meaning

Seeing yourself doing errands for someone in a dream may leave you baffled. Here is the spiritual meaning of doing errands in dreams.
Have you ever seen yourself running errands in your dreams? A dream of doing errands is always a confusing dream to many people. Especially if they were doing the errands for a strange person, they begin to ask many questions.

If you found this article while searching for the meaning of doing errands in a dream, you must have seen yourself running errands in your dreams. Christian dream interpretation is by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, so let's trust the Spirit of God to help us decipher your dream. 

People see different kinds of dreams of running errands. It could be.. 

  • Dreams of running errands for their own self
  • Dreams or running errands for someone they know, or
  • Dreams of running errands for a strange person. 

The meaning of errand itself entails serving someone else, doing a chore or a task for someone. It is widely accepted that errands are always done to please or satisfy someone else, not oneself. 

Dream Of Doing Errands Spiritual Meaning

In the physical world, no one would like to run errands for just anyone at all. So if you found yourself running errands for someone in a dream—against your will—then something isn't right about that dream.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said in His Word that His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). You see, God Himself isn't a cruel taskmaster. 

Although the Almighty God is our Creator, He gives us the will and freedom to live and enjoy life to its fullest. He doesn't use the fact that He is our livegiver, to order us around the moment we wake up.

So if you see a dream of someone sending you on errands against your will, and errands you wouldn't want to do in your waking life, such dream action isn't sponsored by God, but the enemy. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Doing Errands In A Dream

Most dreams of running errands for someone, come as a form of spiritual manipulation. The enemy knows that most people wouldn't willingly serve him, but because he loves control, he manipulates and forces people to serve him in a dream

If you were happily running errands for a loved one in a dream, it's safer. But if this very dream happens to be recurring, then there is a problem somewhere. 

There are people who see themselves working for people in their dreams throughout the whole night, and will wake up tired. One can readily tell that there is a lot of demonic activity going on in such a dream. 

Jesus Christ didn't save anyone so that they would be in servitude to others in their dreams. He said that if the Son sets us free, we are free indeed (John 8:36). Therefore, may the fire of God locate and destroy anyone using you as their errand boy/girl in the dream, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 

1. Presence Of Spiritual Bondage

A dream of running errands confirms the presence of spiritual bondage in the life of the dreamer. There is a demonic spiritual taskmaster bent on making the life of the dreamer miserable, by enslaving them spiritually.

If you are repeatedly seeing yourself running errands for someone in a dream—even if they are someone you know—you have to start praying and fasting to break loose from that demonic bondage. 

2. Wicked Spiritual Enslavement

Repeatedly running cumbersome errands for someone in a dream shows that the dreamer is spiritually enslaved. The kingdom of darkness has the dreamer in chains spiritually, and by so doing, they are able to enslave and oppress them. 

If this sounds like you, go for deliverance from the hand of an Anointed servant of God. You also need to start praying aggressively to break loose from the slavery chains of darkness. 

3. Foundational Witchcraft Oppression

Witchcraft is an evil spirit that loves control. Witches and warlocks want to have people under their control, so they could do to them whatever they like. 

Most dreams of running errands stem from foundational powers that don't want innocent members of the family to make any progress in life. As they enslave them spiritually, they stall their progress in the physical realm. 

Dream of Running Errands Like A Slave

Running errands like a slave in a dream, is a sure sign of spiritual slavery. This is not from God but from the enemy.

God never forces people to serve Him or do things for Him. It is Satan who wants people to serve and worship him by force. 

A dream of running errands like a slave is a manifestation of the enemy's spell of enslavement used to oppress the dreamer. 

If this sounds like the kind of dreams you see, I suggest that you start with serious prayers and fasting, praying ruggedly for God to set you free from the shackles of darkness. 

Prayer Against Running Errands In Dreams 

  1. I declare that I belong to Jesus and Him alone has the power to use me in my dreams. 
  2. By the power of God, I break loose from every demonic spell of enslavement, in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  3. Fire of God, visit and destroy foundational powers bent on enslaving and frustrating my life.
  4. I break loose from every recurring witchcraft dreams of enslavement. 
  5. Every demonic chains of spiritual enslavement holding me in captivity, begin to shatter now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  6. O God, arise and destroy every spiritual taskmaster sending me on errands in my dreams.
  7. I declare to my spirit, deliverance and freedom from every form of spiritual enslavement. 
  8. I shall therefore refuse to be enslaved in my dreams from now henceforth. 
  9. I receive power to fight against every attempt of the enemy to enslave me again spiritually. 
  10. By the power of God, I destroy every deomic spell of spiritual enslavement off my life! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Running Errands In Dreams

It is a different case if you were running errands for yourself in the dream. But errands are often ran for other people.

The fact that you are working under someone in the physical world, does not mean it is okay to also see yourself working for them in dreams. Such dreams often tell there is a serious spiritual manipulation going on against the dreamer 

If you are one of those who see recurring dreams of running errands for someone in a dream, you need to stay prayed up. Pray aggressively till you gain your total deliverance. 

It is also important to indentify and know the person you are running cumbersome errands for in a dream, so that you will be wise in your dealings with them in waking life. 

God bless you. 

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