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Dream Of Receiving A Love Text Spiritual Meaning

It could be that you received a love text message in a dream but didn't know its meaning. Here's the spiritual meaning of receiving love text in dream
One of the strangest dreams one may see is a dream of receiving a love text message. In most of these dreams, the dreamer often finds out that the text message originated from their ex lover, or someone they're attracted to in waking life. 

There is also this other group which sees very strange dreams of receiving love text messages from their married pastors. This tends to be among the weirdest.

A dream of receiving a love text message may leave the dreamer in a dilemma. Those who see such dreams often wake up with many questions bugging their minds. Let's trust you'll find the answers to these questions as you read further. 

1 Corinthians 14:33 KJB
For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

From my observation, many are often quick to conclude that the one they received a love text message from in a dream is God's will for them—when it comes to the choice of spouse. But come to think of it, how can God say that a married person is your spouse, simply because you received a love text from them in a dream? God is not the author of confusion. 

Dream Of Receiving A Love Text Spiritual Meaning

No doubt about the fact that seeing a dream of receiving a love text from someone may have romantic connotations, but making a choice of spouse based on this is very unwise. 

Dream Of Receiving A Love Text From Someone

Receiving a love text from someone in a dream, happens to be one of the dreams that can easily mislead. The dreamer has to be careful, because chances of this dream coming from God is very slim. 

A dream of receiving a love text message may be triggered by the human emotions. It could also be one of the enemy's tactics to corrupt the dreamer and lead them astray.

Surprisingly, there are people who are in the wrong relationships because they saw in a dream that they received a love text message from a particular person. Then they went on to forcefully initiate a relationship with the person in waking life. 

God is versatile, so I wouldn't want to omit the fact that He can reveal potential spouses to people through dreams. We just have to ensure we're cautious when it comes to acting on such dreams.

Before choosing a lover or life partner based on a dream, there should be numerous confirmations from different other godly sources.

That said, a dream of receiving a love text from someone may mean the following:

  1. The person has feelings for the dreamer. They want a romantic relationship with the dreamer. They may be attracted to them, but just haven't told them yet. 
  2. It could be a demonic manipulation, to lure the dreamer into lusting after the person. The spirit of lust operates in subtle ways to trap its victims. 
  3. It could be the enemy trying to manipulate the dreamer into the wrong relationship. There's no way God would reveal that another person's spouse is yours. 
  4. It could be that the person they saw giving them the letter is lusting after them in their mind. This becomes manifest in a dream. 

Again, it is very important to take precautions, when acting on dreams of receiving a love text. 

I Had A Dream That He Texted Me

If you saw a dream that a man texted you, you have to be very careful not to make a careless decision based on that dream

Such a dream could simply be triggered by your emotions—especially if you are attracted to this person or lusting after them in waking life. 

Even if the person eventually texts you in waking life, you have to be absolutely sure they are the right one for you, before deciding to go into a relationship with them. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Receiving A Text Message From Ex

If you received a text message from your ex in a dream, it could simply mean that;

  • They still miss you, and they're thinking about you.
  • They have thought about getting back together with you. They either haven't said it yet or don't know how to go about saying it.
  • You have been thinking about them. Your thoughts about them can manifest as a dream.
  • You still desire them. Your emotions can trigger dreams of receiving a text message from your ex.

Even if your ex makes an attempt to get back with you after you saw a dream of receiving a text message from them, you have to be sure they are right for you, before you make the decision of getting back with them.

Final Thoughts On Dream Of Receiving A Love Text

Dreams of receiving a love text may mean a lot of things. They could be triggered by your thoughts and emotions. They could reveal what is hidden in the mind of the other person concerning you. They could also be a form of dream manipulation, to mislead the dreamer into the wrong relationship or marriage.

We should be extremely careful when acting on such dreams, so that we don't get misled and end up regretting later.

I trust that you learned a thing or two about receiving in a love text in a dream, by reading this article.

Thanks again for reading. 

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