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Dreaming Of Pastor Talking To You - Biblical Meaning

If you saw a dream of pastor talking to you, maybe you didn't know its meaning. Read this article to understand meaning of pastor talking to you dream
One of the most common dreams among Christians is the dream about a pastor. Pastor dreams are seen frequently by people around the world, and sometimes these people are not even Christians. Today, we will learn what dreaming of pastor talking to you means. 

Perhaps you saw a pastor that you know saying some personal words to you in the dream, there is no need to be worried, as most of such dreams are often a good omen. 

But I'm sure you would like to gain more understanding on the meaning of your dream, that is why you're online and searching for the biblical meaning of pastor in a dream.

Let's trust the Spirit of God to provide you with answers to the questions you may have concerning dreams about pastors

Dreaming Of Pastor Talking To You

Dreams of pastors come in different kinds to different people. People have been seeing the following dreams about pastors:

  • Dream of pastor and his wife
  • Seeing your former pastor in a dream
  • Dream of pastor angry
  • Dreaming of a pastor visiting your house
  • Fighting with my pastor dream meaning
  • Dream of a pastor hugging you

We are going to touch on some of these in this article, as we progress. 

Jeremiah 3:15 KJB
And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

God said in the book of Jeremiah 3:15 that He will give us pastors according to His heart, to feed the us knowledge and understanding. 

But in our world today, we cannot deny the fact that there are both pastors given by God and pastors not from Him. Same as there are pastors called by God and those not called and sent by Him. 

Acts 20:29 ESV
I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. 

Pastors work as shepherds to oversee the wellbeing of the God's flock (the Church). Genuine pastors work as shepherds under Jesus Christ who is the Chief Shepherd over His flock. 

But the Bible tells us in Acts 20:29 that wolves have also gone out among God's flock, pretending to be pastors sent from God. But their intent is to destroy the flock. 

A Christian who honours and believes in every pastor lacks discernment; they are risking their life by doing so. We can safely apply the same in the dream.

Some people hold a pre-conceived notion that every dream about pastor talking to them is a good omen. Since not every professing pastor is from God, not every dream about a pastor talking to you will be from God. 

What Does A Pastor Represent In A Dream

Most pastor dreams are often very prophetic dreams from God. Maybe you saw the pastor of the church you fellowship with in the dream. Such dreams may sometimes seem like you're having a direct encounter with that pastor, but that is rarely the case. 

John 10:11 ESV
I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

In the above scripture, our Lord Jesus Christ states that He is the Good Shepherd, and we have already established the fact that pastors are shepherds who oversee the flock. 

Since Jesus Christ is the Chief shepherd under whom all genuine pastors serve, a pastor in a dream will often represent the Lord Jesus Christ. 

It is needful that we pay attention to every dream we see about a pastor. The Lord will often show up to communicate with the dreamer through such dreams

Seeing A Pastor In A Dream Biblical Meaning

Seeing a pastor in a dream is mostly a good omen, but the dreamer must be cautious when it comes to interpreting and acting on such dreams. 

The Bible tells us that even Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). That is to say, even the devil can show people false but godly-looking dreams. 

Most pastor dreams will come as a direct encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. But seeing a pastor in the dream won't always mean that the one we saw is the Lord Jesus Christ. 

1. The Enemy Can Masquerade As A Pastor In A Dream 

Whenever Satan puts on the "godly" look, he does so with the intention of deceiving and leading astray the dreamer. 

Once the enemy knows fully well that the dreamer is a godly person, you don't expect him to appear with horns in his head. Instead, he would come looking more appealing and acceptable. 

In most dreams, the image of the pastor used will go a long way to determine whether or not that dream came from God. 

If a pastor you know isn't called of God appears to you in a dream, it is easy to know that it is the enemy trying to deceive and manipulate the dreamer with a false vision. 

2. God May Reveal Something Concerning A Preacher To The Dreamer

Not all dreams about a pastor is a direct encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Discernment is needed to be able to differentiate between these dreams. 

It will take discernment to spot the dream that is a divine revelation concerning a particle pastor, and a dream that is a direct encounter with God. 

For instance, 

  • You saw a dream of your pastor having a disagreement with some members of his denomination
  • You saw a pastor under attack in the dream
  • You saw your pastor blessed in a dream 
  • You saw a pastor experiencing some difficulties in the dream. 

These are dreams that reveal secrets concerning particular ministers of the Gospel, and not necessarily an encounter with God. 

Dream Of Being A Pastor

If you often see yourself being a pastor in a dream, it is very likely that you have a calling from God to become a pastor. 

But this is not a decision to make rashly. You have to take further steps to ask and confirm from God whether or not He has called you to serve Him as a pastor. 

If it is confirmed to be true, you will have to start by allowing God to prepare and equip you for this calling. You cannot just open a church immediately. 

Dreaming Of Pastor Praying For You 

If you saw a dream of a pastor praying for you, it means that there is something in your life that needs the personal intervention of God. 

If you have been praying for God to take away a particular problem from your life, after seeing a dream of pastor praying for you, that problem should be over. 

A dream of pastor praying for you symbolizes deliverance. There are also cases where people receive impartations through such dreams. The Lord works in mysterious ways, we shouldn't try to fit Him in a box.

Final Thoughts On Dreaming Of Pastor Talking To You

As you have read in this article, pastor dreams are mostly godly dreams. Most dreams about pastors are also expected to come as revelations from God. Most of such dreams will be a good omen.

It is also important to watch against pastor dreams that are deceptions from the enemy. If you saw a false pastor in the dream, that could be God exposing a particular false preacher to the dreamer. Some other false pastor dreams can show up as a manipulation of the enemy, with the intent of deceiving the dreamer.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes appears as very Anointed pastors in dreams, to speak to and pray over and impart the dreamer.

I trust that by reading this article, you were able to grasp more than just the meaning of dreaming of a pastor talking to you.

God bless you. 

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