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Seeing Paper Money In Dream Meaning

If you have been seeing paper money in your dreams, we have an interpretation for you. Read this article on the meaning of seeing paper money in dream
Dreaming of paper money happens to be one of the interesting dreams that people see. Although a dream of paper money may either be exciting or confusing, depending on many symbols surrounding the dream. 

If you recently saw paper money in your dream, you likely have many questions regarding that dream. Let us trust the Holy Spirit to help us answer those questions of yours in this article. 

Haggai 2:8 NLT
The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.

Different people see diverse kinds of dreams about paper money, including;

  • Dreams of finding old paper money
  • Dreams of finding torn paper money 
  • Seeing bundle of money in dream
  • Dream about finding money on the ground, etc. 

A dream of finding paper money can either either be a good or bad omen. It will mostly depend on several factors, including:

  • The condition of the money (clean, dirty, torn) 
  • Location where the money was found
  • Who owned or gave the money 

Dreams of finding money can also either come from God or the enemy. Godly dreams of money will show up just before a financial breakthrough that God is about to give the dreamer. While Satanic dreams of money will always be a manifestation of the enemy's attack against the dreamer’s finances. 

Seeing Paper Money In Dream Meaning

Some people are quick to associate finding money in a dream with a blessing or financial breakthrough. But that isn't always the case. 

There are dreams where the dreamer found dirty and torn paper money. That isn't a blessing. It can even turn out to be a curse or an attack against the dreamer’s finances. For paper money found in a dream to be a blessing, it has to at least be clean and not torn.

Dreaming Of Finding Paper Money Meaning

A dream of finding paper money can either symbolize a coming financial breakthrough in the dreamer’s life, or the attack of the enemy against the dreamer’s finances. 

There are instances where the dreamer found money on the ground or on the road and picked them up, even without knowing how the money came about. That dreams portrays the attack of the enemy against the dreamer’s finances.

It's like an hunter setting a trap for an animal. The animal comes around, sees food in the trap, and without knowing who put the food there, it takes it. Such a dream turns out to negatively impact the dreamer’s finances.

Dreaming About Picking Up Paper Money

If a person sees paper money in a dream and picks it up, it often turns out to be an attack of the enemy against the their finances. 

Even in the physical world, no noble person would see money that is not theirs on the floor and decide to pick it up and own it. 

Money must always have a source. If God wants to show the dreamer a coming financial breakthrough, He would do that through a better dream—like a dream of a good person they know giving them money. 

Dreaming Of Old Paper Money

In most cases, dreaming of old paper money is not a good omen. If you dreamed that you did a job and someone paid you with old paper money, there is hidden witchcraft attack and manipulation against your finances. Always prayer against dreams of receiving old paper money. 

Dreaming Of Torn Paper Money

If you saw in a dream that you were given torn money, or you saw your money where it was kept and they were all torn, there is apparently a serious demonic attack against your finances.

Final Thoughts On Seeing Paper Money In A Dream

In the book of Haggai 2:8, God says that money belongs to Him. That means God is rich, He has enough to go around. 

God wants to bless us financially, but not all dreams that seem like a financial blessing dream is from Him.

The Bible says that the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). God wouldn't give anyone money that could bring them sorrow (like torn and dirty money) in the dream. 

Always pray against dreams of picking up money from the ground, and dreams of receding torn and dirty paper money.

God bless you. 

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