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Spiritual Meaning Of Cobwebs In A Dream

If you have been dreaming of cobwebs, you may have wondered what they mean. Here is the spiritual meaning of cobwebs in a dream.
Cobweb dreams happen to be one of the most disturbing dreams people see. I've had many people request to know what their cobweb dreams mean, so I can tell that these dreams are also very common. 

If you stumbled on this content while searching for the biblical meaning of cobwebs in dreams, it's likely that you have seen a dream of spiderwebs. Let's trust the Spirit of God to decipher your dream. 

Job 8:14
His confidence is fragile; his security is in a spider’s web.

Dreams of cobwebs come in various forms. There are people who occasionally see themselves entangled by cobwebs in dreams, and wondered what such a dream could mean. Let's assume that those dreamers readily thought that what they saw wasn't a good dream, and they were right by the way. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Cobwebs In A Dream

Dreams of cobwebs are rarely from God. Most dreams of cobwebs will show up as a form of spiritual attack from the enemy.

A rare case where a dream of cobweb may come from God, is if someone dreams that they destroyed spiderweb in the dream. Such dreams often portray their God-given victory over cobweb dream attacks. 

Cobweb Dream Meaning Biblical Meaning

Yes, you heard it right. Most cobweb dreams will often show up as negative cobweb dreams. Hence, they are always a bad omen. 

Even in the physical world, no one loves walking into a spiderweb. No one would knowningly walk into such. It's often like a trap hidden from the physical eyes, that someone walks into and regrets doing so. 

If you've taken a close look at cobwebs, you would understand that those spiders often use their web as a snare, to trap insects and feed on them. 

Isaiah 59:5 
They hatch viper's eggs, they weave the spider's web. Whoever eats of their eggs dies, and he who crushes them is bitten by a serpent.

Notice that even the bible doesn't depict cobwebs in a good light. According to Job 8:14, trusting in a spiderweb is like trusting in an enemy who is bent on killing you.

That said, spider webs in dreams often symbolize:

  • Demonic powers in operation
  • Demonic cover or blockages
  • Demon-induced hindrances
  • Diverse kinds of witchcraft sttacks

Seeing yourself being caught in a spiderweb in your dream, is similar to being caught in a fish net. The fisherman lays a net not because he wants to pet the fish, but because he wants to trap it. 

Many destinies have been trapped cut short prematurely, and the progress of many have been severely negatively impacted, because of dreams of cobwebs which they've been doing nothing about. 

Cobweb attacks in dreams often have dire consequences on the dreamer’s waking life—if serious prayers and deliverance is not done upon them in time. 

Cobweb dream attacks could bring about 

  1. Setbacks 
  2. Demotion in life and at work
  3. Misfortunes of all sorts 
  4. Failure 
  5. Unnatural lack and poverty 
  6. Physical deterioration of health and even death

As much as witchcraft attacks don't do anyone any good, cobweb dream attacks also do not. 

The moment you start dreaming of getting entangled in cobwebs, you should start praying aggressively to break out of the enemy's snare.

Spiritual Meaning Of Removing Cobwebs In A Dream 

So if you found yourself removing cobwebs in your dream, see it as deliverance from God. The Lord by His mercy, is working to deliver you from the spiritual shackles of the enemy, which has been stalling your progress and fighting against every good thing in your life. 

Cobweb dream attacks often fight against the breakthrough of the dreamer. It traps and holds the dreamer captive from their divine breakthrough. It prevents them from possessing their possession. 

So if you saw that you were removing cobwebs from your ceiling, in your home or workplace, you just have been set free from the works of darkness. Begin to expect a lot of positive changes in your life. Remember to thank God in advance. 

Spiritual cobwebs cover and block people's blessings. It prevents their helpers from seeing and helping them. When you dream of removing cobwebs, get ready for breakthrough and divine connections. 

Prayer Against Cobwebs In A Dream 

  1. Thank You Father for revealing to me the works of the enemy. I know that when you reveal, You are also set to destroy them.
  2. By the power of God Almighty, I come against every evil spiritual cobweb holding me in captivity. Let it be broken now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  3. I begin to break loose from every shackle of spiritual cobweb. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  4. Fire of God, consume and destroy every spiritual cobweb covering and preventing my destiny helpers from locating me. 
  5. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I cancel every work of darkness done against me through spiritual cobwebs.
  6. Witchcraft cobwebs trapping my blessings, be consumed now by the fire of God! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  7. Evil foundational powers persistently fighting my progress, perish now! In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  8. I begin to recover all the good things the enemy trapped down away from my reach. 
  9. Every dark power assigned to attack me through cobwebs dreams, be arrasted by the power of the Almighty! 
  10. I receive grace to prosper without any form of hindrance. 
  11. Thank You Father for delivering me from demonic cobwebs. 

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Cobweb In Dreams

There are people who dream of seeing cobwebs in their homes, all over their certificates, in their car, and on every valuable thing they have. None of such dreams are a good omen. Do not just ignore and allow the enemy to have his field day in your life. 

No demonic dream of cobwebs as the one outlined in this article should be treated with levity. If you're one of those who have been getting attacked by cobwebs in your dreams, you will have to sit up and pray against these dreams and their effects. As you do so by faith, your deliverance and victory is guaranteed, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 

God bless you. 

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