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Spiritual Meaning Of Internet Browsing In A Dream

There is always a message that comes with dreams of browsing the Internet and social media. Here's the spiritual meaning of internet browsing in dream
The internet is a compendium of diverse information stored virtually. As of present, the internet holds the world's largest information storage capacity. 

But it doesn't just end at that. The internet also creates opportunity to bring the world's people together. There is social media, where two people from different parts of the world can interact with each other using instant messaging. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Internet Browsing In A Dream

Seeing yourself browsing the Internet in a dream shouldn't be received as a strange thing. I understand quite well that dreams of browsing the Internet are rare. But any symbol at all can form part of our dreams

Psalm 24:1 BSB
A Psalm of David. The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof, the world and all who dwell therein.

God is a spiritual being. Dreams are also spiritual. But the Bible tells us that the earth is the Lord's and all that is in it (including the internet). Therefore, God can use any symbol to reveal things and communicate with us in dreams. 

God can give dreams about the internet and social media. But make no mistake about this: the enemy can also give manipulative and demonic internet and social media dreams. Read on for further clarification. 

Biblical Meaning Of Internet Browsing In A Dream

As a Christian, you will agree with me that there are times you have been led by the Holy Spirit to search for a particular information online. The moment you stumbled on that information, the Holy Spirit took you on an adventure of unveiling to you more information that you never knew existed before. This keeps happening time and again. 

I've heard of some attributing the internet to the devil, but Psalm 24:1 proves otherwise. God owns everything and can use anything. The internet has actually become a powerful medium for propagating the gospel. 

God may as well choose to share with us the information we never had, through a dream of browsing the internet

Daniel 2:22 (ESV)
He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.

Dreams of browsing the Internet don't come frequently. Each time you see such a dream, you need to pay close attention, because there is information about to be delivered to you from the spirit realm. 

People have discovered secrets to difficult life problems through dreams of browsing the internet. After trying their best to solve such problems but to no avail, they saw themselves browsing the internet in a dream, then stumbling on an information regarding the problem they've been unable to solve. God made that possible, He revealed it to them. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Browsing Social Media In A Dream

Each time you see yourself browsing social media in a dream, in most cases, it is God who is about to reveal a secret information to you.  God also speaks to people through dreams of browsing social media. 

There is a Christian brother to whom God has been speaking constantly through dreams of social media. If he prays and asks God for a particular information, on going to bed, God shows him a dream of him browsing a social media platform like Facebook (Meta), and stumbling on a status update that provides the exact answer to the question He asked God! 

You see, this is why we should not try to fit God in a box. 

On the other hand, others have also reported dreaming of browsing social media only to stumble on obscene images and videos. One can readily tell that such a dream comes from the enemy. 

Browsing Social Media In A Dream Biblical Meaning

God tells us in His word that we should call upon Him, and when we do He will show us things which we never knew of (Jeremiah 33:3).

If you asked God to reveal something to you, then don't try to predict how the revelation will come. If you see a dream of browsing the Internet, pay attention, because the answer to the thing you asked God may come with that dream. 

If you're someone who keeps dreaming of viewing obscene images and videos on social media, the spirit of lust is behind that dream. You need to pray against it. 

WhatsApp Dream Meaning

If you saw yourself reading WhatsApp messages in a dream, understand it is not a co-incidence. There is an important message for you. 

It is important to do your best to grasp and remember every detail of the WhatsApp conversation you read in your dream, as this may turn out to be God giving you guidance through a dream.

Final Thoughts On Dreams Of Browsing Internet Social Media

Dreams of browsing the Internet or social media are not common. But one thing that stands out is that, when such dreams come, they often carry a given information. This information can either be from God or from the enemy. 

I'll urge that you pray that you see only godly dreams of browsing the internet and social media.

God bless you. 

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