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Spiritual Meaning Of Necklace In A Dream

Receiving a necklace in the dream may come as a strange dream to the dreamer. Read and understand this biblical meaning of necklace in a dream.
A necklace is one of the loveliest jewelries that people wear. It is often a treasured item among the many other possessesions a person owns. 

Necklaces are worn for different purposes. Given that necklaces are commonly made from precious metals and stones, most people wear them as symbols of wealth and status. 

When it comes to necklace dreams, people have seen diverse kinds of dreams about necklaces. Some of such dreams include:

  • Dreams about buying necklace 
  • Dreams of being given a necklace 
  • Dream of receiving gold necklace
  • Dream of broken necklace 
  • Dream of black necklace, etc. 

Probably you have seen a dream of necklace before and wondered what it could mean. Christian dream interpretation comes by the enablement of the Holy Spirit. So let's trust the Spirit of God to decipher the meaning of your necklace dream for you. 

Isaiah 3:18
In that day the Lord will take away their finery: their headbands and bracelets, their necklaces and earrings, their anklets and sashes, their perfume bottles and hair ribbons, their rings and nose rings.

A dream of necklace can be a good or bad omen, depending on the source of that dream. A necklace dream can either come from God or the enemy.

When a necklace dream comes from God, it is always a blessing. But a necklace dream from the enemy can turn out to be a curse. Remember, all good and perfect gifts come from God (James 1:17). The devil doesn't give anyone any good thing. 

Biblical Meaning Of Necklace In A Dream

The Bible says much about necklaces. There are instances in the Bible where necklaces are spoken of as a symbol of wealth. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Necklace In A Dream

In some other places, people offered necklaces and other jewelries to God as a symbol of reverence and submission to Him (Numbers 31:50). 

In our society today, necklaces are mostly worn for adornment and sometimes used for decorative purposes. 

But let's not be tempted to think that's all necklaces stand for. When it comes to the spiritual, a necklace holds a very powerful symbolism. 

Necklaces are also used in religious rites and rituals. This further shows that the necklace has a powerful spiritual connotation. 

Let's say you were out in the public about to board a train. Then a stranger walks up to you and puts a necklace on you. Would you accept it without hesitation and say thank you, without being bothered on why they did that? Only a care-free person wouldn't be bothered. 

Even agents of darkness can use necklaces for evil purposes. That is why in the physical world, it is not advisable you accept a necklace from just anyone. 

To be more specific, let's look at what necklaces represent spiritually below. 

1. Covenant And Commitment (Proverbs 3:5-6) 

In the spiritual realm, a necklace represents covenant and commitment. That is why you can't just allow anyone walk up to you and put a necklace on you. 

Putting a necklace on someone is like getting them into a spiritual covenant with the giver. The giver is literally claiming ownership over the one they gave the necklace to. 

If someone receives a necklace in a dream, it could be a blessing or a curse. We must be cautious when dealing with things like this in dreams. People have gotten into demonic covenants unknowingly, because they allowed someone put a necklace on them. 

2. Authority And Status (Numbers 31:50, Exodus 35:23) 

During coronation ceremonies, necklaces, staffs, and other items are often passed to the one who is assuming the new position. This is symbolic of transference of authority and power. 

3. God's Favour And Righteousness (Isaiah 61:10) 

A godly dream of necklace often stands for blessings and favour from God. If you receive a necklace in a dream from a known and godly person, God is about to elevate you both spiritually and physically. 

4. Pride and Vanity (Isaiah 3:18) 

In our world today, there are people who spend millions on jewelries, just so they can show off—to tell the world they are able to afford something just a few people can afford. 

Necklaces in dreams can sometimes represent pride and vanity. 

5. Adultery And Temptation (Judges 8:21, 26) 

We saw what the Israelites did with the golden calf when Moses was up in the mountains. They worshipped it! We also saw how Gideon mistakenly led the people of Israel into idolatry using jewelries! 

As an owner and lover of expensive jewelry, it becomes really easy to be captivated and misled into idolizing your expensive collections of jewels. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You A Necklace In A Dream

As I earlier said, a necklace gift can form a covenant between two parties. So be careful when accepting necklaces in dreams. 

If someone of the opposite gender (that you know in the physical world) gifts you a necklace in the dream, it could mean that they like you and want you to be theirs. They may not have told you openly just yet. 

As a woman, accepting a necklace from a strange man in a dream can bring about marital delay or problems in your marriage (if you're already married). 

Receiving Gold Necklace Dream Meaning

Receiving gold necklace in a dream can be a sign of upliftement, financial breakthrough or promotion from God. It can also turn out to be a form of spiritual attack, depending on who gave the necklace. 

Broken Necklace Dream Meaning

A broken necklace in the dream marks the end of a connection, friendship or covenant. It can be a bad omen, and it can as well be a form of deliverance (if the necklace initially existed as a shackle of darkness). 

Lost Necklace Dream Meaning

To lose your necklace in the dream is not a good omen. It can symbolize loss of wealth, demotion or dethronement from an influential position. 

Final Thoughts On Necklace Dreams

As seen in this article, a necklace in a dream can mean diverse things including: wealth, status, authority, God's favour, and even pride and vanity.

Pray to only see godly dreams of necklaces. Receiving necklaces from strange people in dreams can turn out to be you agreeing to the terms of an evil covenant you know nothing about.

I trust that you learned a thing or two from reading our article on the spiritual meaning of necklace in a dream.

Thanks again for reading. 

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