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Spiritual Meaning Of Quarrelling In A Dream

In case you found yourself quarrelling with someone in a dream, we have written here for you the spiritual meaning of quarrelling in a dream.
Quarrelling in a dream isn't something that happens frequently, but when it does, the dreamer should pay attention because God is revealing something very important to them. 

You may be someone who doesn't like quarelling, but all of a sudden you find yourself quarelling in a dream. Such a dream would sure get anyone's attention. 

Romans 12:18
If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

If you found yourself quarelling with someone in a dream and wondered what it means, trust the Spirit of God to unveil the meaning of your dream in this article. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Quarrelling In A Dream

Dreams of quarrelling come in diverse kinds to different people.

  • There are people who have seen themselves quarelling their neighbour in a dream
  • Some dream about quarelling their friends
  • Some dream about quarreling with mother 
  • And there are people who dream of quarrelling with their husband or wife

Most dreams of quarrelling will reflect the state of the dreamer’s relationship with others. Such dreams can also reveal very deep secrets about what's on other people's minds concerning the dreamer. 

Biblical Meaning Of Quarrelling In A Dream 

I presume that the one reading this article is not a troublesome person. A troublemaker is a quarrelsome person. The Bible clearly warns us against quarrelling. It warns us to avoid quarrels before they break out. 

Proverbs 17:14
The beginning of strife is like letting out water; so quit before the quarrel breaks out.

The holy Bible further instructs us that, if our brethren has something against us, we should endeavor to sort it out in time and let it go. When we carry offence about in our hearts, it may translate to disturbing dreams of quarrelling with our offender.

Matthew 5:23-24
Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother or sister, and then come and offer your gift.

That said, quarrelling in dreams often mean something deeper. Firstly, quarreling in a dream in most cases, reveal the state of our relationship with other people.  

Yet, it doesn't always mean that you must have a misunderstanding with someone before you find yourself quarelling them in a dream. If your spirit rejects a particular person because of the evil they are doing against you in secret, you may find yourself quarelling with them in a dream.

To be more specific, quarelling in a dream often reveals the following:

  • You have a feud against someone 
  • You're holding grudges against someone 
  • There's an enemy that constantly attacks you
  • There's impending conflict 
  • There's someone that secretly hates you

For better understanding, let me further break it down 

1. You Have Unresolved Feud

If you have unresolved feud against someone, it is not uncommon to find yourself quarelling with them in a dream. Even if they were at fault, it is advisable you forgive them and free you heart, so that you stop seeing such dreams. 

2. It's Evidence Of Enemy's Spiritual Attacks

Secondly, evidence of the attacks of an enemy may sometimes manifest as a dream of quarreling with someone. Such dreams often come to inform the dreamer that the particular person they are seeing quarelling them in the dream is their real enemy, who is constantly attacking them spiritually—even though they may not show it in waking life. 

3. Quarelling Dreams Reveal Impending Comflict

Sometimes, dreams of quarrelling reveal that someone might start a fight with you or get you in trouble. If the Holy Spirit reveals this to you in time, pray against it and do your best to avoid any form of conflict. 

4. Someone Secretly Hates You 

Quarreling in a dream may be a way of God letting us know that some of those we are cool with in waking life, don't really like us. 

Dream About Arguing With Stranger

There are people who have seen dreams of arguing with a stranger. I know it seems weird seeing that you are quarelling with someone you don't know or haven't met before, talk more of having a misunderstanding with them. 

But this dream reveals something very spiritual. In most cases, the one you are quarelling with isn't actually human, but a demon—a demonic spirit that has been afflicting you. 

What transpired in that dream is that your spirit is fed up with their persistent attacks and is eager to fight back. Your spirit knows your real enemies. 

Quarreling With Relatives In Dream Meaning

As earlier said, most dreams of quarrelling will reveal a problem in our relationship with others. 

There will also be relatives who don't like you, it's common. There are also evil relatives who secretly hate and attack you spiritually. You may find yourself quarrelling with them in a dream. 

Dream Of Quarrelling With My Husband

If you saw yourself quarelling with your husband, this dream reveals that your relationship with your husband is not in a good state. If there is an unresolved conflict between you two, you should work towards resolving it. 

A dream of quarrelling with your husband may also reveal that the enemy is attempting to sow discord between you and your hubby. Make it a priority to pray for your marriage. 

Dream Of quarreling with A Friend

A dream of quarrelling with a friend may reveal an unfriendly friend. Such a dream may also reveal that the person you call a friend is actually your enemy, and doesn't wish you well.

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Quarrelling In A Dream

If you saw a dream of quarrelling with someone, it is very okay to be suspicious of that person from the day you start seeing that dream.

If you find yourself quarelling with a stranger or an evil person, in most cases, it is your spirit reacting at their evil deeds against your life. Your spirit is fed up and wants deliverance from their persistent attacks.

If you sense that you are constantly quarreling with an evil person who is obviously one of those who have been attacking you, your spirit isn't just reacting to their attacks, but you are also gaining your victory over them.

I trust that by reading this article on the spiritual meaning of quarrelling in a dream, you were able to gain understanding concerning the quarelling dream you saw. 

God bless you. 

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