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What Does A Dream About Teeth Falling Out Mean

It is possible that you saw a dream of teeth falling out but couldn't know the meaning. Read to know what a dream about teeth falling out means.
A dream about teeth falling out is one of those dreams that often leave the dreamer with many questions. If you saw that your teeth fell out in a dream, you may not have only wondered what could be the meaning of such a dream, but also what its effect on your life would be. 

Most of those who see their teeth falling out in dreams, always have a bad feeling concerning such dreams. Without being told, they can sense that something is not right about the dream they saw. 

In the physical world, children within certain lower age grades are expected to gradually lose their milk teeth, which will later be replaced by the permanent set of teeth. 

But it is not expected of adults to lose their permanent teeth through any naturally occurring means. If an adult loses their teeth, that would probably happen through an accident or dental related problems. 

What Does A Dream About Teeth Falling Out Mean

When an adult loses their teeth through any of the above ways, there is no guarantee that their teeth will grow back. It leaves a dent on their overall look, such that even prosthetic teeth may not fix. 

Likewise in a dream, when an adult loses their teeth, it shows that there is a serious problem somewhere. 

Acts 27:22 KJB
And now I exhort you to be of good cheer: for there shall be no loss of any man's life among you, but of the ship.

There is nothing positive about losing teeth in the dream. No dream of losing teeth is a good omen. 

A dream about teeth falling out is often a manifestation of the attack of the enemy. But it can also come as a result of self-inflicted harm. 

Even in the physical world, people can lose their teeth by engaging in street fights. We cannot blame the enemy if we did something that hurt us. 

Probably you saw that you lost your teeth in a dream. These dreams are often warning dreams of impending danger, mishap or disaster. 

Sometimes, people have a chance to pray against these things from coming to pass, but some don't take it seriously until the dream starts manifesting. You should not be that way. 

God will give us timely revelations, exposing to us the plots of darkness or a coming deadly storm. That is because He wants us to pray and avert them. For our own good, we should not be sluggish in taking action. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Your Teeth Fall Out

Dreaming that your teeth fell out happens to be one of those high-risk warning dreams that often demands urgent attention from the dreamer. 

No adult plans on losing their teeth in waking life. It accidentally happens and always comes as a shock to them. A dream of losing teeth always symbolizes a big loss that may happen to the dreamer suddenly (if they don't pray).

It is needful to pay attention to dreams that are as serious as this. The good news is that God warns us before time. We should do well to also act in time. 

A dream of losing teeth can manifest in the following ways. 

1. Bad Choices That Can Hurt Our Progress

If the dreamer has made bad choices that is hurting or about to hurt their progress and destiny, they may end up seeing a dream of their teeth falling out. 

Immediately after seeing this dream, it is the perfect time to revert those choices (only if they can be reverted).

2. Loss Of Someone Or Something Dear To Us

Most dreams of losing teeth will show up before the loss of someone dear to the dreamer.  Untimely death is not the will of God, but the handiwork of the enemy. 

Some dreams of teeth falling out could even show up to warn the dreamer of their own impending death. These dreams are that serious! 

If you happened to see this dream, make the below scripture one of your prayer points: 

Psalm 3:7
Arise, O LORD! Rescue me, my God! Slap all my enemies in the face! Shatter the teeth of the wicked!

If the dreamer saw a dream of losing their front or upper tooth, it could symbolize the unexpected and sudden death of someone close to them. Unfortunately, some people take such dreams for granted until they comes to pass. 

God will often reveal to us what the enemy is plotting against us before he has a chance to execute it. As a Christian, make sure to always act swiftly to foil the plans of darkness through warfare prayer. 

3. Impending Life-Threatening Sickness 

Seeing a dream of teeth falling out also symbolizes impending life-threatening sicknesses that may take the dreamer unexpectedly. 

Always pray to cancel every mishap and all evil plans the enemy has against your life through dreams of teeth falling out. 

Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning Money

There is a misconception out there that a dream of teeth of falling out means money or financial breakthrough. I presume this interpretation emerged from another faith, and not Christianity. 

The Holy Spirit is the One who accurately interprets dreams. I believe I have the Holy Spirit and I know that I have the ability to accurately interpret dreams through the Holy Spirit. A Christian should ignore any contrary interpretation. 

Prayer Against Teeth Falling Out In Dreams

  1. Thank You Father for always exposing to me the works of the enemy.
  2. Father, I will never take for granted these revelations you show me. Therefore, enable me to be proactive in praying to destroy the works of darkness.
  3. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I come against and declare annulled every evil plot of the enemy against my life and that of my loved ones.
  4. Let every arrow of the wicked fired against me begin to reverse to the sender now!
  5. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I cancel and blot out every death sentence of the enemy written against me or my loved ones.
  6. It is the will of God for me to experience sound health. No power of darkness shall rob me of that.
  7. Arrows of sickness fired against me and my loved ones, begin to reverse now! In the Name of Jesus Christ!
  8. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I abort the mission of that spirit of death assigned against me and my loved ones! 
  9. Father, you want the best for me. If I have made any irreversible wrong choice, Father have mercy on me and help me. Do not let it ruin my life.
  10. Fatter, for everything that I have lost, I ask that you bring restoration. 
  11. I declare that no effect of dream about teeth falling out shall manifest in my life. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Dream About Teeth Falling Out

A dream of teeth falling out is that dream one should always act upon swiftly. Whenever you see your teeth falling out in a dream, know that the enemy has a deadly evil plot either against you or your loved ones (family or friends).

Most people only realized what their dream of teeth falling out meant, as soon as they lose their family member to untimely death. May this not be your portion in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Now that you know what it means to dream about teeth falling out, I trust that you are better equipped to confront the enemy and cancel such dreams before they can manifest.

Remain blessed. 

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