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About Us

Dream Deity is a Christian dream interpretation website. Also a Christian dream dictionary. If you saw a dream that you wouldn't want to go through the stress of reading a long article, before getting the meaning, then simply visit our website.

On dream deity, we provide brief but accurate biblical dream interpretation. We ensure that we capture the most important aspects of common dream, interpret them and provide a solution and prayer point where necessary. 

We know that the world is fast advancing, a lot of things happen really fast these days, and time is short. People are busy, you don't want to take much of your time combing through web pages for the meaning of your dream. That's why we make our dream meanings as simplified as possible.

All dreams interpretation on our website are written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. By God's grace, accuracy and solutions to dream that may negatively impact the dreamer’s life, are always guaranteed.

If you benefitted from reading our dream interpretation articles, go on and share that article with someone else. Tell others about our website. 

God bless you.