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Spiritual Meaning Of Frogs In Dreams

Are you one of those who frequently see dreams of frogs? Your dream may mean more than you think. Let's learn the spiritual meaning of frogs in dreams
A dream about frogs is one of the rarest dreams out there. Not many people report about dreaming of frogs. 

Seeing a frog in a dream may have left you confused, with many questions on your mind concerning the meaning of such a dream. Let's trust that this article answers the questions you may have concerning your dream. 

Dreams of frogs can mean several things, depending on who saw the dream, and several other factors surrounding the dream. 

If you saw frogs in your dreams (which caused you to search for its meaning online), there is surely a meaning for your dream

Spiritual Meaning Of Frogs In Dreams

Accurate dream interpretation comes from the Holy Spirit. We'll trust the Spirit of God to help us decipher your dream. Sit tight and follow up as we explore the spiritual meaning of frogs in dreams. 

Psalm 78:45 ESV
He sent among them swarms of flies, which devoured them, and frogs, which destroyed them.

Frog dreams are not among the common dreams that people see. But for those who have reportedly seen frogs in their dreams, such dreams often come as follows:

  • Dreaming of a frog inside the house
  • Seeing many frogs in dreams
  • Dreaming of a frog attacking you
  • Dreaming of a frog jumping on you

In the Bible, frogs are mostly associated with uncleanness—the Israelites were not permitted to eat them. Though in some places in Palestine and Syria, there exist an edible specie of frogs known as Rana Esculenta

Frogs have a foul smell while alive, and when they're dead, the stink they emit can be unbearable. You can imagine how terrible the plague of frogs the Lord sent upon the land of Egypt was. (Exodus 8:2-1) 

Apparently, frogs are both physically and spiritually unclean. Anything the Bible regards as unclean hints that their spiritual symbolism won't be a positive one. 

Some dreams of frogs will come as a warning dream from God, while some will come as an attack from the enemy. The Lord may also expose the works of darkness to the dreamer via a dream of frogs

Whenever a dream of frog shows up, there is always an important message contained in that dream that must not be ignored. 

Firstly, the dreamer should find out the meaning of their dream, and then allow the Spirit of God guide them on what to do about it. 

Dreams Of Frogs Biblical Meaning

There are several references to frogs in the holy Bible. The word frog appears 14 times in the King James Bible. 

The first reference captures the story of the plague of frogs in Egypt, and the last reference (which is found in the book of Revelation) speaks of an end time event. 

Revelation 16:13 NLT
And I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs leap from the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. 

As I earlier mentioned, frogs in the Bible are attributed to uncleanness; the same can be said about the spiritual meaning of frogs—even in the dream. 

Because God commanded frogs out of the river Nile in a plague to punish the Egyptians—in a negative way—the general spiritual significance of frogs is negative and evil.

When God calls a creature He created unclean, it doesn't mean that He made a mistake by creating them. It also doesn't mean that the creature itself is evil and not supposed to exist, but their spiritual significance would point to something ungodly. 

Therefore, frogs in dreams are often symbolic of the following:

  • A symbol of uncleanness
  • Unclean spirits or demons 
  • Symbol of immorality and perversion
  • Witchcraft manipulation and attack

The book of Revelation 16:13 reveals an end time prophecy, where evil spirits looking like frogs leaped out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. Meaning that certain evil spirits (or demons) sometimes take the form of frogs. 

For instance, the ancient Egyptians once worshipped the god Heqet or Heket, an evil spirit which had the form of a frog.
In Roman-Greek mythology, there are gods and goddesses that had the form of a frog.

That said, frogs in dreams will often represent evil spirits. If you happened to see frogs in your home in a dream, you have uninvited visitation of demons and unclean spirits in that home. 

Unclean spirits also exist as spirits of immorality and perversion. Sometimes, seeing frogs in dreams will reveal that the spirit of immorality has been assigned and launched to attack and bring down the dreamer. 

Seeing frogs in your home or around you in the dream, may sometimes reveal that the dreamer has fallen into the sin of fornication and immorality, thereby attracting to themselves these unclean spirits. In this case, genuine repentance is required. 

Dreaming of frogs in your home will also sometimes reveal witchcraft activities within that vicinity or in the life of the dreamer. Do not ignore such dreams

Spiritual Meaning Of Frog In A Dream

Beyond what has been said so far, frogs in dreams have even deeper spiritual symbolism. Let's learn more under the subheading, spiritual meaning of frog in a dream. 

1. The Spirit Of Deception And Falsehood (Revelation 16:13)

The Holy Spirit reveals secrets. Things that are hidden from the physical eyes, the Spirit of God will often reveal them to us. 

If the Lord finds it needful to expose falsehood (probably a false teacher, false teaching or a false prophet) to the dreamer, the dreamer might see a dream of a frog in this context. 

We saw in Revelation 16:13, that evil spirits looking like frogs, came forth from the mouth of the false prophet. This can represent false prophecy or false and deceptive teachings. 

If you start seeing frogs in your dreams, you need to watch out against deception and deceptive people. Be on your guard against the manipulations and deceptions of the enemy.

2. The Spirit Of The Devourer In Operation (Psalm 78:45, Psalm 105:30) 

Frogs in dreams also symbolize the devourer and destroyer spirit. According to Psalm 78:45, when God sent the plague of frogs upon the Egyptians, those frogs did not only occupy the homes of the Egyptians but also destroyed their valuables. 

Sometimes, seeing frogs in a home could reveal the activities of the devourer spirit against that home and their occupants. The enemy has assigned his forces to specifically steal and destroy in that home. It is apparent that no dream of frog should be taken lightly. 

3. A Sign Of God's Judgement And Punishment (Exodus 8:2-14) 

The judgment of the Most High against the rebellion and wickedness of Pharaoh and his cohorts was made manifest in the plague of frogs, which the Lord sent upon the Egyptians. 

Seeing many frogs in a dream (as in an infestation) could reveal God's judgment or punishment upon someone, a people, a community or a nation. 

Dreaming Of A Frog Attacking You

If you saw a dream of frog attacking you, that is not a dream you should treat as harmless. A dream of frog attacking you reveals serious demonic attack against you. 

Dreaming of frogs attacking you is a manifestation of direct and deadly demonic attack, such that shouldn't be ignored. 

As I earlier stated, frogs in the spiritual realm play the role of the destroyer or devourer. Dreams of frog attacks are always aimed at the dreamer’s prosperity, growth and blessings.

When you see frogs attacking you in the dream, there is ongoing demonic manipulation against you, to rob you of the good things God has blessed you with. Such dreams should not be treated with levity, but attacked and cancelled through prayer and fasting. 

Prayer Against Frogs In Dreams

  1. Thank You heavenly Father for revealing the evil works of darkness against my life. 
  2. By Your Power, O God! I come against every deceptive plot of darkness in my life. I declare, let it be destroyed! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  3. I begin to cancel every form of witchcraft manipulation against my life right now! 
  4. Every evil frog assigned against me, be roasted by fire now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  5. I bind and send to the pit of Hell every evil spirit assigned and sent to destroy me. 
  6. Father, according to Your word, I ask that You rebuke every devourer and destroyer spirit assigned against me. 
  7. I cancel and reverse every work of darkness against my life. 
  8. By the power of God, I cancel every demonic assignment against my life. 
  9. Every conspiracy of the enemy against me, be annulled in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Mighty warrior Angels of God, locate and arrest every agent of darkness assigned to attack and bring me down. 
  11. I shield myself with the blood of Jesus Christ, against every manipulation of darkness. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Final Thoughts On Dreams Of Frogs

As you have read in this article, seeing frogs in a dream is rarely a good omen. The spiritual symbolism of frogs is not a good one; they always represent uncleanness, evil, evil spirits and witchcraft.

If you happen to see frogs attacking you in a dream, do not ignore or take such a dream for granted. You are under attack and should buckle up to ward off the attacks of the enemy from your life and everything concerning you.

God reveals the plots, manipulations and deceptions of the enemy, so that we gain knowledge and live wisely, to escape the snares of darkness. The Lord will sometimes reveal these things through dreams of frogs. Be led by His Spirit to act accordingly.

Beloved, I trust that by reading this article, you were able to grasp the spiritual meaning of frogs in dreams.

God bless you. 

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