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Dreaming Of Going Back To School Spiritual Meaning

Probably you have been constantly dreaming about going back to school. Read this interpretation on spiritual meaning of going back to school in dream.
It is common for people to see dreams of going back to school. In most of these dreams, people often find themselves back in a lower grade school they long graduated from. Such a dream should get anyone worried. 

You're probably here reading this because you saw yourself back in school or a former school in a dream. You wondered what your dream could mean, so you decided to dig out the meaning. It is the Holy Spirit who provides accurate Christian dream meaning. So let's trust Him to bring understanding concerning your dream. 

Most of those who have contacted me for dream interpretation about being back in school, always go like, “why do I keep dreaming about my old school and classmates?” If you have the same question, there is an answer for you today. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Going Back To School In Dream

Surprisingly, even people who don't wish to go back to school also see dreams of being back in school. Apparently, dreams of being back in school hold a deep spiritual meaning. 

John 6:45
It is written in the Prophets, 'And they will all be taught by God.' Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me.

A dream of being back in school is rarely a good omen. I use "rarely" because I am not going to omit the fact that very few dreams of being back to school could mean that the dreamer will go back to school to further their education. 

Outside of this exception, most dreams of going back to school will often hold a negative connotation. It's just what it is. But understand that it is not the will of God that negativity festers in our lives. 

God will always show up to rid us of anything that could destroy us, same way He is about to help you get rid of the negative effects of going back to school in a dream. 

Why Adults Dream About School

There are a couple of reasons why even adults who are old enough to not want to be in school, still dream about going back to school. 

1. Life Itself Is A School 

Life itself is a school and God is the best principle. Each time God is taking us through another phase in the school of life, a man may dream about being in school and writing exam, not matter how old it is. 

If we recognize that God is still teaching us and taking us through different phases in life and in our relationship with Him, this shouldn't be difficult to understand. 

Psalm 34:11
Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

No matter how aged we are, we are still God's children, and He doesn't stop teaching and guiding us in this world. 

2. It's A Form Of Spiritual Attack 

As God makes efforts to teach, test, and promote us by taking us from glory to glory, the enemy also fights to bring us down or backwards in life. 

While God works towards our progress, the enemy always works to cause our demotion. That is why adults would see dreams of going back to former school they long graduated from. It is not sponsored by God.

3. Disobedience Towards God

A man's rebellion towards God often triggers dreams of going back to former school. Sometimes, it can be really bad that the dreamer finds themselves back in their former primary school, together with their childhood friends. 

Pay attention, because such dreams don't just show up randomly. Something must have triggered it.

Each time a Christian refuses to listen to God and makes a wrong choice, that wrong choice can send them three steps backwards in life. Then a dream of being back to low grade school shows up. 

People experience loss and setbacks after seeing such a dream. Not because the enemy is attacking them, but because they themselves did something against God's will and instructions, that sent them backwards in life. 

Dream Of Going Back To School Biblical Meaning

We know that God wants the best for us, but the enemy wants the direct opposite of what God wants for us. 

Exodus 14:15
Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.

Our wrong actions and choices could also ruin God's plans concerning us, if care is not taken. 

Therefore a dream of going back to school could symbolize some of the following:

  • Setbacks or backwardness
  • A spiritual attack against the dreamer’s progress 
  • Could actually mean you're going back to school
  • Could reflect you've been demoted spiritually 
  • May manifest as demotion or sack at workplace

If you have been planning to go back to school to further your education, you might see a dream of going back to school. Such dreams are always positive. Instead of seeing yourself back to low grade school, you would see yourself in the university or a very high learning institution. 

Dreaming Of Going Back To High School Meaning

Sometimes, if a Christian fails God's test, they might see a dream of being back in high school. God simply wants them to start from where they failed in His dealings with them, to learn the lesson He wants them to learn, so that He can elevate them. 

If you frequently see dreams of being back in high school, and you're sure you're not doing anything wrong, it is obviously the enemy attacking to pull you backwards in life. You should pray aggressively to destroy the works of darkness against your life. 

Dream About Going Back To Primary School

If you dreamed you were back in primary school, that is not a good place to be spiritually. Such dreams could also either be triggered by your wrong action or attacks of the enemy to bring you down. 

You have to find out the source of this dream and act quickly, so that you don't lose everything you have laboured for. That's how bad the effect of such a dream can be, if left unchecked. 

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Old School And Classmates

If you keep dreaming about your school (where you lelft long ago) and classmates, the enemy is working tirelessly and constantly to hinder your progress and bring you down. 

The enemy doesn't want to see you make progress beyond the average. The enemy is fighting to ensure that you stay below the level God destined you to be. This will not come to pass if you pray. 

How To Stop Dreaming About School

You shouldn't wish to completely stop dreaming about school. This is because some dreams of being back in school come to notify us of what has gone wrong in our life, and how we can go about rectifying them.

God may also occasionally use dreams of being back in school to update us on our progress through life, and in our relationship with Him.

Nonetheless, if you want to learn how to stop seeing negative dreams of being back in school (especially the ones from the enemy), then follow these steps:

  1. Pay attention and learn the lessons God wants you to learn in each phase of your life. Apply them to your life.
  2. Do not do contrary to what God wants or instructs you.
  3. Do not intentionally commit or live in sin.
  4. Avoid choices that could ruin your life. Always seek God's mind before making important life choices.
  5. Stay prayed up in order to stay victorious and above the plans of the enemy.

If you do these, I am very sure that you will stop seeing negative dreams of going back to school.

Prayer Against Dreams Of Going Back To School

  1. Thank You Father for I know that You have the best thoughts concerning me. You want me to make progress and not experience setbacks in life. 
  2. Lord, I ask that You guide and instruct me. Help me make the right choices in life. 
  3. Father, even when I happen to stray from your path, have mercy and save me. Do not let me suffer any form of loss. 
  4. Father, have mercy upon me. Do not let my choices backfire and hurt my progress. 
  5. Dear Lord, help me to learn the lessons you want me to learn and adhere to them. 
  6. I come against every demon-induced setback in my life. Let it be removed, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  7. I declare that I am destined to be the head and not the tail. Therefore, let every contrary plot of the enemy against my life be destroyed. 
  8. I declare that I shall not labour in vain. My labour shall help me go forward in life. 
  9. By the power of God, I destroy the effects of dreams of going back to school. 
  10. Father, let Your will alone be done in my life. Not my will, not that of the enemy. Amen. 

Final Thoughts On Dreams Of Going Back To School

As you have read in this article, seeing yourself going back to school in a dream is not entirely a bad omen. Sometimes, such dreams can also show up if you're planning to further your studies.

Every negative dream of going in back to school triggered by you should also be solved by you. God expects you to fix your wrongs, and don't hurt your progress with your own hands.

Dreams of going back to school that come as attacks from the enemy, should be rejected, prayed against and canceled.

Beloved, I trust that in these article, by the help of the Spirit of God, we were able to answer your question regarding the meaning of going back to school in a dream.

Stay blessed. 

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