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Dream Of Picking Fruits From Tree Biblical Meaning

By peradventure, you saw yourself picking fruits from tree in a dream. Here is the biblical meaning of of picking fruits from tree in a dream.
A dream about picking fruits is one of the common dreams that many people repeatedly see. Almost everyone will admit that they have at least once dreamed about fruits in their lifetime. 

Most fruit dreams are often pleasant to see, while some others are not so pleasant. It mostly depends on the state of the fruit the dreamer saw in their dream. 

Each time you dream about fruits, understand that the dream concerns you as an individual. It depicts the all-round goodness God has made available for you. 

Positive dreams of fruits are often symbolic of.. 

  • Divine providence 
  • God's blessings 
  • Our spiritual gifts
  • God's calling upon our lives
  • Every good virtue God has bestowed upon us, etc. 

One thing we have to understand though, is that all these good things that God has given to us has their maturation time. Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that for everything there is a season. 

Fruits don't just appear on a tree and get ripe the same day. Fruits start from flowers and bud into tiny and very fragile fruits. They take time to grow big and strong, then they enter their last phase, which is ripening. Once they're there, there are ready to be eaten. 

Dream Of Picking Fruits From Tree Biblical Meaning

The gifts, blessings and endowment of God in our lives will take some time to mature. God has destined us for financial prosperity, but that may not manifest very early in our lives. We have to let Him work on us and bring us to that place where we can lay hold of that financial blessing. 

It will take some time for us to grow and mature in the gifts and callings of God in our lives. We will have to submit for God's pruning process (John 15:1-5) as He works to refine and equip us for His use. When we get to where He wants us to be, we will operate seamlessly in those gifts and callings. 

Dream Of Picking Unripe Fruits From Tree Biblical Meaning 

When you find yourself picking unripe fruit from a tree in a dream, that dream is not a good omen. It portrays impatience on your part. You haven't been patient enough for God to work on you. You haven't been patient for God to bring you to maturity—so that you can walk in all that He has in store for you. 

You are desperate to make it in life. You are desperate to get rich. You are desperate to operate in your gifts, and that isn't what God wants for you. 

Out of desperation, many have stepped out prematurely to operate in their gifts and callings, only to end up ruining themselves. 

If you saw yourself picking unripe fruits in a dream, you are on a path to cause destruction for yourself. This is a warning dream. You should slow down and listen to God, instead of trying to run faster than Him. There is time for everything. 

Dream Of Picking Ripe Fruits From Tree Spiritual Meaning

If you found yourself picking ripe fruits from a tree in your dream, you are in the perfect season where you will reap the fruits of your labour. 

God is about to open doors of blessings and breakthrough for you. You are about to experience a massive turnaround in your life. This is because you have been faithful and patient, while working hard with God to get to where you are now.

Dream of plucking ripe fruits symbolizes abundance, promotion, God's blessings, open doors and breakthrough. Expect these to begin manifesting in your life soom after seeing this dream.

Final Thoughts On Dream Of Picking Fruits

As you have read in this article, picking fruits in a dream can be a good or bad omen—depending on the kind of fruits the dreamer picked in their dream.

Picking unripe fruits in a dream always portrays impatience, which could ruin God's work in the dreamer’s life.

Picking ripe fruits in a dream represents a blessing. God is doing something great and blissful in the dreamer’s life.

Picking rotten fruits in a dream is a bad omen. This dream depicts the attack of the enemy against the dreamer’s prosperity and progress. Always pray against demonic attack in fruit dreams like this one.

God bless you. 

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